Your username and avatar are important to keep updated! Having both a username and an avatar help other users on the site to find you. Most users on GCmessage keep their username as their full name (first and last) and sometimes include their organizations name or acronym in brackets (i.e. (TBS)).

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At this time, Android users are not able to edit their GCmessage profile through the Rocket.Chat mobile app. Edits to your profile can be made on iOS devices and on the web app.

Finding your profile settings

1. To find your profile settings, locate the profile icon/image in the left sidebar. 

2. Click My Account to access profile and account settings. This will bring you to a new window where you can access your account preferences, profile details, and security options.

3. Click Profile in the left sidebar to open profile details. 

Changing your display name and username

Your username is what people would type to @ mention you or invite you to channels. Your display name is what would appear across the application in sidebars, search results, and other places. 

Your username can be changed in the Username field. It is best to keep a simple username so that it is easy for other users to mention you. firstname.lastname is a recommended format for usernames. 

Your display name can be changed in the Name field. This name is a bit more customizable and can be whatever you want. It is recommended to have your username as Firstname Lastname (DEPT), however users with longer names may wish to use nicknames or skip the department acronym. 

Changing your avatar

Your avatar is the main visual that identifies you on GCmessage. Adding your picture to your profile avatar will help other users identify you and recognize you in conversations. 

1. Choose one of the icons beside your current photo. You can revert to the default initials icon, upload an image from your computer, or call an image from a URL. 

2. If you choose to upload an image, a new dialog window will appear. Search through your computer files to find the image you wish to use and click Open

Your new profile image will now appear! 

Changing your email and password

You can change your email and password from your account profile page. It is beneficial to keep your email up-to-date to help with login and password recovery. 

You can change your email or password using the fields at the bottom of the panel. 

Saving changes

Click the Save Changes button the top right to save your profile details!

Congratulations! You now have an updated profile. You avatar and username will now appear across the application.