GCmessage is an instant messaging application that enables users to connect with each other through a Web browser or mobile application (iOS and Android), with the ability to send direct messages and create private or public group-chats. GCmessage runs on the Government of Canada (GC) Microsoft Azure public cloud outside of the GC firewall. It can be accessed from anywhere (i.e. office, home, personal devices, etc.)! GCmessage uses the same account service as GCcollab, which is open to federal public servants, non-federal public servants, academia, students and anyone else you need or want to work with (by invitation).

GCmessage is managed by the Digital Enablement Directorate at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. We are currently testing the open source application Rocket.chat to provide our GCmessage service for the Open and Accessible Digital Workspace. At this time, GCmessage is a pilot and is not an official instant messaging service for the GC. Following the completion of the pilot (March 31, 2019) we will report back to the GC Enterprise Architecture Review Board with a recommendation for which app should be used to provide our message service. 

You can sign up for GCmessage with your GCcollab account and join any chatroom that is relevant to you, or create one for your team or group! Chatrooms have the option of being open (available to everyone) or closed (only visible to those invited), and you also have the option to chat directly with other individuals.

Some key benefits and features of GCmessage include:

  • Available to anyone with a GCcollab account (See: Who can register
  • Free and unlimited: create as many channels and send as many messages as you need.
  • Instant notifications: know who's contacting you right away
  • Reduces email chains by providing instant feedback.
  • Searchable history in channels and for specific files.  
  • Available anywhere, on or off the GC network, and on mobile devices. 
  • Fun to use! Emojis and custom usernames and avatars make this channel personable.