Like all physical and virtual workspaces where individuals are invited to participate and make contributions, there is the risk that an individual could disrupt the creative process or vandalize the product itself. However, there are a number of mechanisms in place to mitigate this risk and incentives to dissuade inappropriate or destructive behavior within the GCwiki community. 

  1. GCwiki users are required to use their real names and work email addresses when registering. Pseudonyms or 'handles' are not permitted
  2. A feature of the MediaWiki software that forms the basis of the GCwiki is that it logs and tracks all changes to content on the site. In fact, each page has a 'history' tab that lists who changed a document and when. The software also enables version comparisons to highlight specific changes made over a period of time.
  3. GCwiki is a business tool. It is unlikely that an individual will risk their professional reputation for the sake of mischief.
  4. Given that everything that happens in the GCwiki is fully documented and tied back to a unique user account, it is easy to identify someone who vandalizes a page on GCwiki.

When using the GCwiki, public servants are expected to abide by the Value and Ethics Code for the Public Service.