notice box
This function is only available to the group owner and group operators. 

How to invite users to a group

  1. Click Settings to see a drop down menu. 
  2.  Select Invite users 
  3.  Select between: 
  • My Colleagues : Checkmark the ones that you want to invite or do Select all colleagues.
  • Finding user(s) :Type in the name of the user you would like to invite.
  • Colleague circles: Use the drop-down list to select the Colleague Circle that you would like to invite.
  • Using e-mail address: Type in the email address of the user you would like to invite.

    5.     Add a personal note. This is optional.

    6.    Click Invite

How to remove members from a group

Example of a group member list

  1. In the Group members box on the main Group page, click View all members.

  2.  Enter name of the group member you wish to remove in the Filter items box, or scroll down until you see the name.  
  3.  Click Remove from group.