GCcollab bookmarks are shortcuts to online content such as websites and files. Bookmarks can be shared both outside or inside GCcollab groups.

How to create bookmarks

  1. Click More on the main navigation bar.

  2.  Select Bookmarks from the drop-down list.where to find the bookmarks button in the navigation bar
  3. Click the Add a bookmark button to add a new bookmark.

    the add a bookmark button

  4. In the Title box, enter the name of your bookmark.

  5. In the Address of the bookmark, enter the web URL of your bookmark.

  6. In the Description box, briefly explain what your bookmark is about.

  7. In the Tags box, enter some keywords that would describe your bookmark.

  8. For Access, select either:

    • Only me: Only you can see this content – no other GCcollab user can view this content.
    • My Colleagues on GCcollab only: Only the GCcollab members you have added as your colleagues on GCcollab can see this content.
    • Users logged in to GCcollab only: Anyone with a GCcollab account can see this content while logged in.

Add Description.JPG

    9.    Click Add Bookmark 

How to view bookmarks

  1. Click More on the main navigation bar.
  2. Select Bookmarks from the drop-down list. From this page, you can view All site bookmarks. Use the filters to sort the bookmarks based on who created the bookmark: All, Mine, and Colleagues.
    • All: displays the bookmarks from all GCcollab users with the most recently posted listed at the top.
    • Mine: displays the bookmarks that you have added on GCcollab.
    • Colleagues: displays the bookmarks that your colleagues have added.