If an account is deleted from GCcollab, everything that member contributed is lost. While someone may leave their current position or organization and feel they won’t be using GCcollab in their next job, it doesn’t mean they won’t wish to use GCcollab in the future. For example, students frequently fit this description.

Members of GCcollab retiring from their professional life are encouraged to ensure their contributions remain. Their GCcollab content can still be relevant and useful. Retirees are also encouraged to share corporate knowledge and memory, or offer mentoring opportunities, using the Opportunities Platform.

It is highly recommended that GCcollab members not delete their account. To ensure a seamless transition, keep your notifications to a minimum:

  • Modify your display name to include your professional status in brackets. For example: John Smith (retired).
  • Turn off all or most Notifications.
  • If you are a group owner, transfer the ownership to another member of your group.
  • If you are a group operator, ask the group owner to transfer the administrative rights to another member of the group.