If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset for your GCaccount. 

Note: If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, you can retrieve your password using your security questions. If you have not set security questions, please contact us for assistance. There is no need to create another account.

Request a password reset

  1. Visit https://account-compte.gccollab.ca/login-ouverturedesession/
  2. Click the Forgot password? link
  3. This will open a new page. Enter the email address associated with your GCaccount. 
  4. Click Reset password.
  5. This will send an email to your Inbox. Open the email and click on the link to set a new password.  Note: if the reset password email hasn't appeared in your Inbox within 20 minutes, check your Junk folder. If you still haven't received the email, contact the help desk. 
  6.  This will open a new page. Type in the new password you wish to use for your account. 
  7. Type the password a second time to confirm. 
  8. Click Confirm. 
  9. Your password has been reset! You can now visit https://account-compte.gccollab.ca/login-ouverturedesession/ and log in with your new password.