Will I still be able to use GCmessage now that the pilot has ended?


Yes. As we move into the evaluation period for the platform, GCmessage will remain open for you to use. You are encouraged to share your input on the instant messaging service in the #feedback channel.


How long is the evaluation period? What will it cover?


The evaluation period will be four months, running until August 12, 2019. It will cover the one-year pilot, articulating our experience and user feedback.


Will you be sharing your findings from the pilot?


Yes. Information will be posted on the home page of GCmessage once available.


Is it possible to export my messages?


The pilot environment was meant for transitory information. Users will be notified if a solution for exporting messages — for instances where it may be appropriate — becomes available.


Where can I get the latest information on the status of the instant messaging pilot?


The latest information on the pilot and its evaluation can be found on the GCmessage home page.