I tried to register, but it says that my email address is not approved on GCcollab. What should I do



GCcollab is open to many organizations including universities and governments. Users must use their work or university email addresses in order to create an account without an invitation. The following types of organizations have their email addresses pre-approved:


  • Government of Canada
  • Provincial governments
  • Universities and colleges
  • Municipal governments


If you are unable to register with an email address from one of the above, please contact the help desk. 


Registered members of GCcollab are able to invite anyone else from around the world to join the platform and collaborate in real-time. Your email address is automatically approved only if you receive an invitation from the GCcollab system before you register.



Please note: You can request an invite from a GCcollab user or by contacting the GCcollab Help Desk for assistance.