You can create tables in most of the written content for GCcollab.

Creating a basic table

1. Click the table icon in the toolbar

2. A window with table options will open. Enter in the specifications you'd like for your table, and click OK.

3. Enter in the information you'd like for your table in the available area.

This produces a basic table without borders:

Additional table options

There are a few ways to change the appearance of your table beyond the basic table.

To make these changes:

1. In the Table properties window click Advanced. 

2. Type the style you'd like to apply to the table (from the list below) in the Stylesheet Classes field and click OK.

Spaced Out Table

Type "wb-tables" into the Stylesheet Classes field to have your table be even spread out across the screen.

Bordered Table

Type "bordered" into the Stylesheet classes field to give your table a visible border.