Components in the Aurora design system were built using the Bootstrap framework. Many of the components available in this framework were customized to our desired style. Other components we added to the system were not already available in Bootstrap, so were built separately by our developers. To build the React components, we used Reactstrap to easily convert HTML components to React. Our developers also had to create some custom components in React. 

We also based some components in the design system off styles that were already available in the Web Experience Toolkit (WET), which also uses a Bootstrap framework. 

For design influences, we drew inspiration from private sector design systems such as Google's Material Design, Shopify's Polaris, Clarity, and Semantic.UI. We also referenced public sector design systems such as the U.S. Web Standards, the Australian design system and the U.K's design system, to help build our website. The website design most closely ressembles the Clarity design system.