Note: GCmessage is a beta version of an instant messaging service. 

You can change your global notification settings to select the types of notifications you receive. You can also adjust your notification settings for individual channels and groups, as well as direct messages.


At this time, you cannot change notification settings in the phone app; you must use the desktop version of Message.

Changing Global Notification Settings

You can enable or disable notifications for your desktop, mobile or email.

Click your user icon/avatar in the top-left corner.

Select My Account from the drop-down menu.

Scroll to the Notifications section. In this section you will see the options to enable/disable notifications for desktop, mobile and email. You can also change which type of notification you receive.

  • Desktop: If allowed by your organization’s firewall, you can enable desktop notifications. You will have to enable them in your browser settings. You can set the notifications you receive to all messages, mentions (default) or disable notifications by selecting nothing.
  • Notification Duration:  Here you can enter a custom amount of time for notifications to appear. 
  • Show Desktop Notifications For:  This will determine what kind of messages will send you a notification on your desktop if enabled. Here you can choose from Default (Mentions), All Messages or Nothing. 
  • Mobile: You can change which notifications you receive in the Push Mobile Notifications for drop-down menu. You can select all messages, mentions (default) or disable notifications by selecting nothing.
  • Email: You can change which notifications you receive by email in the Offline Email Notifications drop-down menu. (Note: You will only be emailed notifications if you are offline/signed out of Message). You either disable notifications or receive notifications for every mention/DM (direct message).

Click Save Changes at the top of the screen to save your notification settings. 

Individual channel or Group Settings

To mute or receive notifications

From the Channel menu click on the channel or group for which you want to change the notifications settings.

Click the three vertical dot icon in the top-right corner.

Select Notifications Preferences in the drop-down menu.

Click the first switch to either mute all notifications, or to receive alerts. (Note: This setting will only apply to the current channel or group).

In this menu you can also choose if you want to receive notifications for @all and @here mentions, display the counter badge, and settings for desktop, mobile or email. Note that all of these settings will only apply to that specific channel. 

Click Save.