When viewing any page of GCwiki you’ll find three main navigation functions: the sidebar, tabs and, user options and tools.



The sidebar can easily be found on the left side of the page, below the GCwiki logo. 



In the sidebar, first you will see standard options such as Main Page, Browse Categories,  Random page, and Upload a file. Below the standard options, there are Actions and Tools, and then Print and Export options, lastly you will find various Tools that are unique to each page.  


Clicking on the GCwiki site logo brings you back to the main page. The links in the navigation section just below will take you to important pages.


Below is a description of each navigation link found on the main page:


Main page

Brings you to the GCwiki home page

Browse categories

 View all categories created by users

Random page

 View a random GCwiki page


Search for help topics, or submit a ticket for assistance or errors





Upload a File

 Upload a file to GCwiki to generate an internal link

Special pages


 List of pages generated by GCwiki




Download as PDF

Download the current page as a PDF




Page Information

View information about the current page, including edit history

Related changes

Enter a page name to see changes on pages linked to or from that page. (

Printable Version

View a printable version of the current page

Permanent Link

Create a link to a specific version of the current page

What links here


View the pages that link to (or redirect to) the current page



 At the top of the GCWiki main page you will find some useful tabs. These tabs relate to the particular page you are viewing. Some additional tabs are available only after you have logged in.

These tabs allow you to discuss/talk/comment on a page, edit a page, view a page's history, change your preferences, watch a page for changes, add pages to your favourites, and view your contributions on Wiki. 


Main Page


Discussion: See what others may have written about the current page, or to add your own comments to the discussion thread.

Read: Enables you to view a page and read it.

View Source: Takes you directly to the source code of the page, and, if available, you may edit this code. 

View History:  Every editable page has an associated page history, which is accessed by clicking View history at the top of the page. The page history contains a list of the page's previous revisions, including who made the changes and the nature of the edit or change

Wiki search bar: Search for pages by typing keywords into the Wiki search bar. 


Extra tabs for logged-in users


Language toggle: Allows you to select your language preferences.

Talk: The Talk tab will bring you to a page where you can create a new Talk post to share with the GCwiki community. 

Preferences: This tab will bring you to your preference settings where you will see special tabs such as User Profile, Appearance, Editing, Recent Changes, and Watchlist. From here, you may also modify:

  • Your basic information
  • Internationalisation (language preferences). 
  • Signature
  • Email options 

Note: When making changes to your preferences, always click save at the bottom of the page to ensure that the changes are saved. 

Watchlist: Click so you are notified when the page is changed and are kept aware of revisions.

Star (Favorites) Icon: By selecting the star tab, the page that you are visiting will be added to your Favorites. 

My favorites: Click to easily add or remove a page from your list of favourites. These are pages you frequently visit. Unlike your watch pages, you will not receive notification when your favourites are edited. 

Contributions: Allows you to view your contributions on GCwiki.

More: This tab reveals a drop-down menu that allows you to access Watch. When you select the Watch tab, the page that you are visiting will be added to your Watchlist.