The Watch function allows you to follow the development of a specific page. It is especially useful if you have created an article and would like to see if anyone is making any changes to the page, or you would like to be kept up to date on someone else’s page. Email notifications are sent to the email address registered to your GCcollab Wiki account.

To stop watching a page, simply click on the Unwatch tab. The Unwatch tab is located on the options bar of the page. 

Adding Articles to Your Watchlist

Access the articles that you would like to follow and click the watch tab at the top of the page. This adds that article to your watchlist. If you would like to remove an article from your watchlist, simply access that article and click the tab that says unwatch. 

Viewing Your Watchlist

There are two ways of viewing your "watchlist":

  • Click the My Watchlist link at the very top of the page (you must be logged in to see this!)
  • View the list of Special Pages by following the link in the left hand navigation tool box.

Your watchlist will list all the edits made to articles that you have chosen with the following details: the date, whether or not it was a minor edit, a link to the article, a link to a comparison of the current and previous version of the article, the name of the user who made the change, and a summary of the change.

Note: Following the Recent changes link on the left hand navigation bar will bring up a page that lists the changes that have been made to all wiki pages in chronological order and the articles on your Watchlist will be bold so you can easily pick them out.