Sometimes an article becomes too large and complex to fit on a single page. If a page has a variety of content, creating subpages makes the page easier to navigate.

The best way to keep closely related articles together is to create additional subpages within the main article, just as you would create sub-folders in a project’s main folder on your computer.

Creating a subpage

  1. Navigate to your main article.
  2. Enter a slash and the new document title in your browser’s address box.
  3. You will be redirected to a page that says no text exists in the page. Click the hyperlink edit this page. 
  4. Create the subpage in the same way you create a new page.

Linking a subpage to a main page

When creating an internal link, you will need to edit the source code. To do this:

  1. On the main page of the article click Edit source in the top bar.
  2. Locate the place you’d like the link to appear.
  3. Copy and paste this code with the details of your subpage: * [[name of your subpage]] (Note: Make sure the name you enter into the code exactly matches the name of the subpage. It is case sensitive).
  4. Save the page as you normally would when editing.

 If you accidentally create a subpage at the top level that should have been created under another article, you can easily move pages to their proper location.