Why would I want to search for someone else’s user profile?

You may wish to search for someone else’s user profile to find their contributions, their talk page, and any content they may have posted on their user page. 


How do I search user profiles?

There are three ways that you can search for user profiles on the GCwiki:


Option 1


Most users on GCwiki have either Firstname.Lastname or Firstname.lastname as their username (Note: This is case sensitive). Each user gets a user page by default. Typing “User: Firstname.Lastname” or “User: Firstname.lastname” in the search box will bring up the page of the user if their username follows this format.





Option 2


Another way to search for a user is:

  • Search the person’s username from the main search box in the upper right of the page.
  • On the results screen, uncheck all boxes except User and press the search button again.





Option 3


If neither of the above work, you can also:

  • Go to special pages link that is in the toolbar on the left side of the page. 






Search for the person you are looking for.