GCcollab is open to students and academics from all Canadian universities and colleges as well as federal, provincial, territorial and municipal public servants.

Registered members of GCcollab are also able to invite anyone else from around the world to join the platform and collaborate in real-time. 

There are two ways to invite users to join you on GCcollab: a general invite to GCcollab or to a specific group you own on GCcollab.

Invite someone to GCcollab

  1. When logged in to GCcollab, click on the Network button that appears above the top navigation menu.
  2. From the Invite my colleagues page, enter the email addresses of the person you want to invite. If you want to invite multiple people, separate individual email addresses with semicolons.
  3. You can include the generic invitation text suggested or enter your own.
  4. Click Send. 

            Congratulations! You have successfully sent your invitation. 

Invite someone to join your group in GCcollab

First, click on Group in navigation bar, open the group, click on Invite top right corner.

Next, select Using e-mail address tab, in the email box, enter the email address of the person you want to invite and finally click on Invite. You can add professional optional message in Personal note box.


            If you the person you invited is having difficulties with registration...

  • Your invitees will receive an email with your invitation and a link to register to GCcollab. They can either click the link provided in the email or copy and paste it into their Internet browser. On this page, they will be prompted to enter their name, organization, valid email, and choose a password.
    Note: They will only be able to register using the same email address that was used to invite them in step 2.  

  • After successfully completing the registration, they will need to validate their account. A validation email will be sent to the email address provided.They can either click or copy/paste the link provided into their browser.
    Note: If your invitee does not receive your invitation in a timely manner, ask them to check their Junk or Spam folders as some local network security block email to 'authenticate' or 'validate'  account.

            Congratulations! Your invitee is now registered to GCcollab. As the person who invited them to GCcollab, you are automatically their colleague.