1.    Click the gear icon on the "Content by Tag" widget.

gear icon

    2.    A pop-over menu will open.

    3.    Choose your settings based on the following options:

  • Limit the content to the following authors - Type in a username to choose from a drop-down list of GCcollab users. You may also choose to display only content from your colleagues, or leave the line blank if you do not wish to limit your results based on authors.
  • Only show content from the following groups - Type in a group name to choose from a drop-down list of GCcollab groups. You can leave this line blank if you do not wish to limit your results based on groups.
  • Number of items to display – Select the number of blogs, files, pages, bookmarks, Wire posts and/or discussion topics that will be shown at once.
  • Which entities to show - The type of content you would like to show. You may choose blogs, files, pages, bookmarks, Wire posts, and discussion topics.
  • Tags - Type in any number of keywords, separated by commas, to show content that has those keywords as tags. You may also type in tags you would like to exclude.
  • How to list the content – Select how you would like the post to be displayed. You have the option of Normal, Simple, and Slim view, with Normal containing the most amount of information and Slim containing the least.
  • Number of highlighted items (slim only) - *leave this field blank
  • Show user avatar (simple view only) - Choose whether or not the avatar of the  author is displayed.
  • Show content time stamp - Choose whether or not the publishing date and time of the content is shown.

Normal View        

Simple View

Slim View

Simple view, showing the title, author and date only
Slim view, showing the date and title of content only

        4. For Access, select either:

  • Only meOnly you can view this content – no other GCcollab member can view this content.
  • My Colleagues on GCcollab only: Only the members you have added as your colleagues on GCcollab can see this content.
  • Users logged in to GCcollab only: Anyone with a GCcollab account can see this content while logged in.

        5.  Click Save.