This feature gives users the ability to create or participate in polls. It is great for group decision-making. You can create a poll on your personal user profile (see also tutorial on how to create a user profile) or in a group (see also tutorial on how to create a group on GCcollab). You can also view the results of any poll.

How to create a poll

  1. Click More on user profile navigation bar or on the group tab menu.

  2. Click Polls found on the drop-down menu.

  3. Click New Poll and a new page will appear.

  4. Input desired poll question below Poll question. Create more choices by clicking Add response choice button. It is found under Response choices. You have the ability to add as many response choices as you want.

  5. To delete a choice, click the trashcan icon found on the right of each response.

  6. Add Tags to make your new poll searchable.

  7. Adjust Access settings.

    • Only me: Only you can see this content – no other GCcollab user can view this content.
    • My Colleagues on GCcollab only: Only the GCcollab members you have added as your colleagues on GCcollab can see this content.
    • Users logged in to GCcollab only: Anyone with a GCcollab account can see this content while logged in.
  8. Click Save.

How to manage a poll

Now that a poll has been created, you can complete the following actions using the given icons:

  • Edit (option only available on a poll you have created)
  • Delete (option only available on a poll you have created)
  • Share
  • Like

Options after a poll is created