Once in your profile, click the Edit button located beside each of the sub-headings. Remember to click Save after editing each section.

Your basic profile can include your contact information and links to your presence on some of the most popular social media platforms.

Profile Tab

On your profile, underneath the Basic Profile and Avatar, there are seven tabs that link your colleagues to information about you. The default tab is the one for Profile.  The Profile Tab is the part of your profile where you can let your colleagues learn more about who you are, your current job and other social media tools to find out more about you.

About Me

The first section within the tab allows you to write a paragraph about yourself. You can display a bit of your personality here, by talking about your hobbies and interests.


The education section provides small windows of information that relate to diplomas, degrees, or certificates you have earned. You can input where you studied, for how long, and what your area of expertise is. This feature can be used for networking purposes, or even finding old classmates.

Work Experience

The work experience section is similar in functionality to the education section. Users can input previous job titles, employers, and describe the aspects of their work. This feature can be used for networking purposes, or even finding old colleagues. 


The new skills section allows users to input various skills they believe to hold (up until a maximum number of fifteen) colleagues of the user can endorse their colleagues for skills they have seen displayed, giving each skill credibility and a recommendation.

Opt In

The Opt In section highlights the career and developmental opportunities you offer or are seeking. This is information based on your input in the Opportunity Platform within GCcollab.

Portfolio Tab

The Portfolio Tab allows users to upload various projects, such as documents or even infographics,to display the various expertise of the user. This can provide a visual and practical aspect to your profile - potentially drawing in future employers interested in your skills!

Widgets Tab

In this tab, you can customize which widgets you want visible, where on your profile they should be, and how much they will display. For example, you could choose to show your Activity, Colleagues, Groups, Bookmarks, or maybe you want to show Colleagues only. Your GCcollab profile reflects you!