Notifications inform you of activities in groups you have joined or content that you have indicated that you would like to follow.  If you feel you are receiving too many notifications, there are several options.


You can manage all your notifications directly from your GCcollab Account Settings page.


Locate and click on your profile icon on the top right corner of the page.


 Click on Account Settings.

      Click on Notifications tab. 

Notifications Digest


The notifications digest can be used to receive a daily or weekly email that provides a summary of the activities to which you are subscribed. If you choose to enable the notifications digest, you will no longer receive real-time (instant) notifications by email and/or on the site, regarding activities happening on GCcollab (with the exception of administrative-type notifications). 


To enable the notifications digest: 


From the Notifications Settings page, scroll down to the Notifications Digest section. 

Check the box next to Enable notification digest. Once the digest is enabled, new options will appear on your screen, allowing you to set your digest preferences (frequency and language preference).


(Note: your notifications digests  will appear in your email inbox.)


Select your digest preferences 

How often do you want to receive the digest? Select Daily to receive it every weekday morning, OR select Weekly to receive it every Monday morning. 


In which language do you want to receive the digest? Select English OR French.


Indicate your notifications preference to determine what to include in your notifications digest by checking the box next to Email in your subscription options.


 Note: The digest will include all content selected in the 'Email' column, as well the subscriptions in the 'Other content subscriptions' section.


Click Save to update your notifications preferences.

To adjust Personal Notifications:


From the Notifications Settings page, scroll down to the Personal Notifications section.

Check the box next to Email to receive notifications by emails and/or Site to receive messages in your GCcollab notifications inbox. Uncheck boxes that you do not wish to receive notifications for. 


Click Save to update your notifications preferences.

To turn off notifications for your colleagues’ activity.


You can disable notifications for your colleagues’ activity by unchecking the boxes beside their name under Colleague Notifications on the Notifications tab.

Group Notifications

Group notifications enable you to subscribe to the groups you have joined. By subscribing to a group, you will be notified of new activity or content initiated in that the group, such as a new blog post, discussion topic, etc. You do not receive notifications for subsequent comments or responses to that content automatically, unless you comment, reply or manually subscribe. (see below)



If you wish to mute Site or Email notifications for a group, simply uncheck the boxes. You will only receive notifications for the boxes that are checked. 


From the Notifications Settings page, scroll down to the Groups Notifications section.

To adjust preferences for group content notifications: 


In notifications settings, listed under each group, you will find the group content you are subscribed to. You will receive notifications when comments/replies are posted on that content. You are subscribed to this content because you have manually subscribed using the bell icon, or because you have commented, replied or shared this content.



By clicking on Group Content under a group, you may choose which content you would like to unsubscribe to. 



Click Save to update your notification preferences.

Other Content Subscriptions 


Other content subscriptions include all other content you have subscribed to outside of groups. These content subscriptions are enabled either because you have manually subscribed using the bell icon, or because of auto-subscriptions.


To manage your other content subscriptions:  


On the bottom of the Notifications Settings page, you will see Other Content Subscriptions.


Click on the Unsubscribe button to stop receiving notifications for this content.


Then, click on the content that you wish to subscribe to. 


Click Save when making any changes to your notifications settings