Almost any project or subject area that requires the sharing, use and collaborative development of information can be supported by GCcollab.


  • Academics can use GCcollab to connect and network with their research or policy counterparts within the public sector. Additionally, they can use GCcollab for research in developing or updating curriculum
  • Students can ask questions to support their course work and research, or to inquire about potential employment opportunities.
  • Public servants can leverage GCcollab to identify talent, support their ongoing research, find their subject-related counterparts, and supplement public consultation processes.
  • Everyone interested in public policy, research, consultations with levels of government, and beyond, can learn and participate on the platform.
  • All users can join relevant GCcollab groups, post on the Wire, access files and photos, network with colleagues and students, and blog. 


There are many other ways to use GCcollab. Be bold and creative – put GCcollab to good use and give it a try.