GCcollab is your professional collaboration platform, connecting you to information and people. GCcollab is a major step toward a more innovative, open, and collaborative way of identifying, exploring and co-creating the policy and research agendas.


GCcollab is increasing the depth and breadth of data and information sharing between the academic and public sector communities to support improved deliberation on policy and research issues. GCcollab is helping to build a more connected, relevant and responsive cohort of public servants, students and academics as well as organizations.


GCcollab is also contributing to a culture change as the existing public service is provided better access to emerging research, technologies, and communication approaches. Furthermore, academics, students and interested stakeholders can improve their understanding of the policy, program and research development processes.

This cloud-based collaboration platform is also being leveraged to promote recruitment opportunities to those interested in joining the public service. To learn, connect and share, join GCcollab.