In GCcollab groups that have it enabled, Group Docs allows for the sharing, and collaborative writing and editing of documentation in a group.  (Note: Group Docs are still in Beta, functionally may change).

How to access Group Docs

  1. Locate the group you wish to access the documentation for.
  2. Click the More option on the group’s tab bar to reveal a scroll down menu.
  3. Click Group Docs. (Note: If the administrator of the group has not made Docs available, you will not see it appear.)

How to create a Group Doc

  1. On the group docs’ page, click Create a new Doc.
  2. Type in the title of your document.
  3. Type in any tags you wish to add. (Tip: While tags are not necessary, they will make your document easier to find).
  4. Select who has read access (who can view the document) and who has write access (who can write and edit the document).
  5. Click Save.
  6. You will be brought to your new doc, and should see the words “New Doc created successfully”, and can begin writing your document.

How to collaboratively write and edit a Group Doc

  1. In the Group Docs portal, select the doc you wish to write or edit.
  2. Type your content into the text box, you will see your name appear beside what you have written. (Note: Each user will automatically be assigned a colour).

Other options when using Group Docs

On each group doc you will see the option to make the doc Fullscreen, or to edit, delete, share, like the doc, and subscribe to the doc.


The doc will be opened into a word processor that takes up your entire web browser window.


By clicking the pencil-and-paper icon, you can edit the name, tags, and read and write access.


By clicking the trashcan icon, you can delete the doc. You will be prompted to make sure this is what you intend to do before the doc will be deleted.

When you delete a doc, it will be deleted for all members. 



If the doc has open access, you can share it on your wire feed by clicking on the share icon. A window will open allowing you to create a wire post and share the doc alongside it.


You can "like" a doc by clicking on the thumbs up icon. When you like a doc, a counter will appear beside the thumbs up icon or increase if another user has already liked the doc.  Other users can see who liked the doc.


By clicking on the bell icon, you can subscribe to the doc and receive notifications whenever it is changed. If you created the doc you will be automatically subscribed. A filled in bell means you are subscribed. An empty bell with a strike through it means you are not subscribed.